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I have used Nu Encounters on and off over the past few years in London. On my recent trip to NYC I found out they are now providing guys in the states, was extremely excited to hear this!
-Timothy G.

Absolutely love these guys! I can’t help myself but try out each and ever new escort they have.
-Gregor H.

I just want to thank you guys for providing a sophisticated service which is much needed in this island. Well groomed men and well trained staff!
-Charles B.

I was looking for an elite gay escort service in New York, but couldn’t seem to find one that matched my standards. Then, I found Nu Encounters, and they were everything I was looking for in escort service in Chelsea. Not only does their site communicate their status and values, but the companions they offer allowed me to choose one that I knew would work best for what I had planned. Marcello ended up being the perfect companion. He cooked Swedish cuisine for the two of us, and we talked about his hobbies and life. We ended up walking around the neighborhood and taking in the sites and having our mini-adventure as the night went on. He was not only fun but also professional. I did not have any worries or reservations about him. I would recommend his services to anyone who asked.
-Robert S.

Talk about quality!! I have spent months trying to find a good guy on the competitors sites and either they don’t show up or the guys pictures are from 10 years ago. Nu encounters men are charming, charismatic and always friendly. I would highly recommend there services.
-Dustin A.

I have to say I’m very impressed with NU Encounters. I have done business with several other companies looking for gay male escorts including the other “top” competitors and NU Encounters by far exceeded my expectations. I have had nothing but horrible experiences with other companies like dates showing up late, un-bathed, and high to just not showing up at all. NU Encounters was the total opposite. From the first phone call to the last minute of the date I was beyond pleased. The concierge who answered the phone quickly was very pleasant and helpful. After speaking with me about my perfect date the concierge helped me pick the perfect gay male escort. I had a medical business dinner to attend and wanted someone educated and clean cut. The night of the event James was prompt, actually a few minutes early which I appreciated, and he was very attractive while being dressed for the occasion with a jacket as I requested. The dates from the other companies have been up to two hours late which screwed up my plans for the whole night and dressed in normal street clothes. During the course of the night I found out he was very well educated and had great manners and etiquette. I was proud to say he was my date, he fit in so well that you couldn’t even tell he was an escort. He even held great conversation with me and my business partners. After the meeting we stopped in Rebar and all eyes were on James and I. Unlike other gay escorts he paid full attention to me. Class act-I can’t wait for my next trip to NYC for my next encounter!